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C++ Twitter Objects

The files provided contain two objects for very basic interactions with Twitter. One object allows you to fetch public tweets from a specified user, and the other does that and tweets to the account given the password and a message for the given user. The library uses the CURL library to make calls to the Twitter API.

This project is part of a larger project, and is under development. The objects don't constitute a working program in and of themselves, but sample programs of possible uses are included for testing purposes. The future goal of the project is to use a video stream, do facial recognition of local "friends" database. Then, fetch their latest tweet and overlay that information onto the video feed. The feed will eventually be from a camera on top of a robot, and the system may also tweet from the robot's account that it ran into so-and-so at a given location.

This library is no longer able to tweet out, because it uses the old authentication method. I don't currently have time to change the code to use OpenAuth. If you are intrested in C++ twitter library that does, please go elsewhere (twitlib or twitcurl.

This project has been compiled using g++, and linking LibCurl on Debian Linux. The code should work with other compilers on other systems, but has not been tested. The Curl libraries are needed to compile the objects and the sample programs.