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Christmas Music

In October or November of 2008 a flutist at our church suggested that we organize the more "classical" instruments in our church and start an ensemble to perform pre-service music for the Christmas Service. Since then, the group has performed a couple of times in slightly different form. I found there to be quite a bit of difficulty in locating music arranged for four treble voices, one of them often a B-flat Clarinet. I here offer the simple transpositions/arrangements as PDF files, MIDI files and as Lilypond Source code. I hope that it helps other musicians who are at a loss for arrangements. The pieces of music posted here are public domain (to the best of my knowledge, and my arrangements should be considered Creative Commons Share Alike Attribution. I hereby grant license to copy, produce derivative works and redistribute them as long as proper attribution is given to me and any other authors if listed.

Lilypond is free (as in libre -- although it is also gratis) music engraving program based on Tex and LaTex. It produces beautiful scores that are closer to hand engraving than other proprietary software suits. It does take a little to get used to, but there are tools and sites with a lot of helpful information.

Christmas 2008

You can download the lilypond source for the following list of songs.


Full Set

Christmas 2009

O Come, O Come Emmanuel arranged for two violins, flute and oboe. Was to be performed with a pianist as well who was working around the chords reading from the hymnal that used as reference. We, however, did not have a chance to play it because an emergency came up, and we were unable to make the Christmas service.